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Born in a small village i learned to draw and was encouraged by the towns folk to continue. I enjoy the quaint small things. but there is nothing better to me than travel, seeing new places meeting new sunrises i've always enjoyed my nomadic lifestyle.
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Select 10 of your favorite characters, and post 10 facts about them. After doing so tag 3 people to do the meme as well! This is the format, but feel free to do it how you like!
i got tagged by a good friend and fellow meme lover BloodOnYourLies
Character Name: Villarrai

Image:  HappyDance by Villarrai

1- her full name is Villarrai Von-Radmiche
2-She can't sing or dance but does it anyways
3-She's quite layed back and lazy
4-She is very interested in human life and their odd struggle to survive despite having so much
5-her favorite food is lasagna
6-Despite being a centaur Villy gets along fairly well with folks
7-She works on a farm pulling plows and tending to the vegetable gardens and wheat fields
8-She was born in 1995 on August 4 five minutes before midnight
9-On long cold nights Villy will vanish until sunrise often coming back badly bruised and scratched
10-she prefers to sleep in the stables

Character Name:   Amos

Amos Ref Sheet by Villarrai

1-He lack the ability to feel Empathy
2-He rips heads of of all those he kills even has a few human skulls
3-Amos is partially blind in his left eye
4-He has a hard time saying "no" to family
5-His den is quite popular among loners and he often gets visits
6-being 6 years old he is very partial to midday naps
7-He actually likes to hug and cuddle
8-He is unaware of how intimidating he can be
9-has a habit of licking his lips when he gets the urge to kill
10-he arrived in slough five years to the day and brought about the destruction of a powerful pack and a Era of loners to the lands.


Character Name:  Cevlynn

Image:Cevlynn Ref Sheet by Villarrai


1-he is the son of Charlyn and Mikaela.
2-he has killed his cousin Valak the last survivor of Arohks revenge on his father and dubs it "finishing the job"
3-after loosing his younger brother mikhail to a gruesome death Cev has begun to struggle with his blood lust
4-Currently has an army of Forty Six wolves under his control and has appointed his half brother to be the strategist
5-he's a total mama's boy, often going to her for much needed snuggles
6-He loves the rain, and finds that he never gets his malicious urges in such weather
7-He's taken up residency with Amos protecting the den when the male is gone and keeping it clean.
8-He has fallen in love with an older male by the name of Gale though is hesitant to name him a mate
9-Cev is actually quite docile around though he loves and often can't refuse them their desires
10-he is viciously protective over his family and loved ones willing to kill anyone who appears to be a threat


Character Name: Ring-Ding

Image:Undertalesona by Villarrai


1-Ring-Ding speaks in lowercase wingding
2-the small fox spirit is her translator, the tiny creature loves to twist ring-dings words to tease the little skelly
3-loves pastels and bright colors
4-loves sweaters, scarves, and anything with frills
5-Ring-ding has no lower jaw as it was shattered in a art & crafts inccident
6-she is incredibly clumsy
7-loves hot cocoa, tea, and sweets
8-Ring-Ding posses powerful magic though never uses it preferring her hands
9-she stands at 4'2"
10-She has a crush on Papyrus


Character Name:
Fallen StarMare by Villarrai


1-she is a fallen star
2-is older than the celestia and luna.
3-watched the world be created and life begin to prosper
4-speaks in a series of pitches and clicks of the tongue
5-she desperately wishes to rejoin her brothers and sisters in the sky
6-how she fell from the sky is unknown but it is suspected a wish may have caused it
7-she once fell in love with a stallion, but as she stayed young and he grew old she became resented by the pony-folk.
8-was hidden away in the canterlot mountains for a thousand years occasionally being visited by the royal guard.
9-she doesn't need to eat, drink, or sleep
10-she has the power to heal, manifest light, and turn her body into a walking inferno (she is a star after all)


Character Name: Mandy


Mandy Ref by Villarrai

1-she's a corgi
2-belongs to an old couple out in the farmlands
3-she loves to play tug-of-war
4-favorite food is tuna
5-she loves he stuffed toy fox that squeaks
6-she is trained to walk without a leash
7-she hates going to the vet
8-baths are a game to her
9-she is shy at first towards other dogs but is very hyperactive once she gets to know them
10-she is a complete and total lap dog

Character Name: Dreamyst (dreamy)


Let Me Live In Your Dreams by Villarrai

1-is a husk of black string and wires
2-eats the dreams and is the reason why some dreams can't be remembered
3-she carries her soul in a blue orb
4- her powers are strange and many some include the ability to walk into other dreams and steal small things like cups or pencils making the dreamer feel as if they lost something when they wake up
5-she once fell in love with a dreamer named james and kept him in her world, he died and now haunts her.
6-she live inside a large twisting white oak known as the "Dream well"
7-is the creation of the Red Mother
8-Despite being made of string and wire she is very soft feeling like cotton
9-she lives in a world known as the "DreamScape" where many manifest and store their dreams and ideas
10-She is known to be a fugitive and dream eating monster in her world, often being hunted though was once seen as a guardian of dreams

Character Name: Casey (the little witch)


Inkvember-The Little Witch by Villarrai

1-stand at 1"
2-she's a witch
3-she created herself a small cat
4-rides on the heads of Doe's
5-lives inside dead log
6-often sings to the insects and arachnids
7-she has a faerie friend who says she is just a faerie without wings
8-the term little witch came from a human boy who once fell in the woods and met her when she stumbled upon him while riding a doe and healed his scrapes and bruises
9-Humans say she is a Faerie of good fortune and Happiness
10-she lives off of dew and vegetables

Character Name: Charlyn


Mother Again by Villarrai

1-stands at 2'10"
2-is well versed in herbs and poisons
3-was born in Lost river in a cruel pack and was appointed Omega and "Den Warmer"
4-Has had two boys with her Ex-Mate Mikaela
5-Lost her tongue to her captor for defending a mother and her pups
6-is skilled in hiding and going unseen or noticed by other wolves
7-was raped by her captors brother
8-is pregnant with said brothers pups though refuses to let anyone know
9-She plans to escape the pack that hold her captive
10- like stargazing and snuggling

Character Name: Jennilyn

Lounging around by Villarrai

1-has a skin pigment condition called Vitiligo
2-Owns a sheepdog and a goat
3-built her home and had furniture commissioned to suit both human and centaurs
4-Hates wearing clothes
5-has a dry sense of humor
6-has a Calming personality and rarely raises her voice
7-Soft spoken
8- stands at 15 hands hoof to shoulder 2'3 from torso to head
9-is mostly self sufficient but visits the city once a month
10- favorite food is Ginger snaps

I tag:


Prepping by the Creek
Just a test of a new way of drawing my centaurs, it was difficult at first but after some time  i got a hold of the directions my hand wanted to move. So here it is test one of the 'Round line style' most likely to be paired with pastel colouration or water colour.
Mesi Ref
An old character of mine named Mesi pronounced "Meh-See" she is generally a calm person modeled much to be like that of Sarabi, Simba's mother 'v' i hope you enjoy this redraw of an old character that had only existed within words i'm pretty happy with her image as well
Elkia is Nachts only daughter and takes after more of her mothers side with more of a dog-like appearance being Soft natured and a gal of few words normally responding with curt nods, head shakes, and various other body language preferring to listen and observe rather than involve herself in matters weather her business or not.
Tired Mama Nacht
Nacht has had her pups in a litter of three. Two sons and one Daughter.
The shift from her old rather chaotic and danger filled life to motherhood has renewed her Familial intentions and soft nature. She adores her mate Coa and the way he interacts with their pups. Of coarse Nacht is not one to be easily changed and has already been working to destroy a threat to her families happiness. As a mother she shows no mercy to any threat and attacks with a vicious glee.
Here we see Nacht has dozed off while nursing her pups leaving a small fire to burn down and heat up the den While her mate Coa is out to hunt.


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